27th Annual Lane Car Show

Motor State is one of our proud distributor and they are having a car show festivities on Friday May 22 – Saturday May 23.

The search for quality high performance automotive components ends here. This 153,000 square foot building Lane Automotive and its four divisions.

Serving the needs of racers, hot rods and automotive enthusiasts since 1964, Lane Automotive today is known worldwide for its excellent prices, product selection and exceptional customer service.

VR-12 is honor to be part of their 27th annual event.

This event carries a huge Manufacturer marketplace tent which covers over 7,000 square feet.

Over 1,500 show vehicles and estimated15,000 spectators.

Watervliet, Michigan is the place for this exciting car show.

It is a perfect fit to have VR-12, to educate everyone on the benefits of the product.

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