AAPEX 2015 and VR-12 This Week in Vegas!

Photo:Attribution Some rights reserved by Moyan_Brenn

Sands Expo & Convention Center | Las Vegas, USA | 03-05 Nov 2015

Finally the week for the show has arrived and we couldn’t be happier. We invite you all to come to the show and visit our amazing booth # 5319 on the 2nd Floor. You’ll definitely learn something new if you haven’t heard about our product!

AAPEX or the Automotive Aftermarket product Expo is an international event that showcases different kinds of automotive lighting systems, sound moderators, cooling systems, Friction and Brake circuits, Engine and Transmission parts, Gear systems, Automotive Hand tools, DIY dent fixing mechanisms etc. The Sands Expo & Convention Center where the event is held transforms into an arena showcasing an enviable spread of innovative and revolutionary automotive products during the three days that the event is held. With focus on topics that range from re-engineering and re-manufacturing to packaging and logistics, discussion forums are simultaneously organized at the fair which creates a platform for exchange or working know-how across international borders. From the best of sourcing contracts to the most innovative parts, an auto enthusiast can grab it all here.

From: 10times.com

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