Ali Kern vouches for VR12′s efectiveness

For some time now Ali Kern has been associated with our product, but now for the first time we have her on video talking about her experience with VR-12. Check out the video below:

Biography of Ali Kern

Birth Date: May 11, 1993
Birthplace: Fremont, Ohio
Resides: Fremont, Ohio
Education: Currently Attends Terra Community College
Years in Racing: 13
Current Racing Series: JEGS/CRA All-Stars, Ohio Late Model Series, NASCAR K&N East Series

Maybe Ali Kern doesn’t want to answer to society’s norm of what a young female should be when she grows up. Maybe Kern is a young woman looking to start her own trends, creating her own lifestyle and defining her own meaning of success. That has certainly been the path she has travelled down since a young age. Today, Kern is a professional race car driver climbing the ranks of motorsports to reach the goal of racing full-time in a NASCAR national touring series. It’s not what many women may desire to be, but that’s fine with Kern. Like she says, she wants to start her own trends.

“I’m just living my life through a different set of goals than what some of my other friends may be,” comments Kern. “But, that’s fine, too. They have certain goals and I have mine. I just get to drive faster than most.”

Going fast is something Kern has been no stranger to. Beginning her career at the age of only seven, Kern has piloted everything from a racing quad to a full-bodied stock car. But, just competing isn’t the same without being a winner. Kern has also been that. She has won in nearly every division she has competed in coming up through the ranks. Kern has compiled wins and championships in quads, go-karts and open-wheel modifieds. Her next goal is to become the first female to win on the NASCAR K&N East Series, a developmental series for the Sprint Cup series. Kern knows that keeping up her winning ways will help her succeed.

“Winning is what keeps everyone paying attention.” continued Kern. “Running up front and getting better each time out in the K&N Series will help us get noticed and reach our goals. Looking back, trend-setters were always successful in what they were doing. I’m dedicated to be successful.”

Even as talented as Kern has proven to be on the track, she has dedicated her time to be just as successful off it. Earning her high school degree early, Kern is currently enrolled in college as she continues her racing career. Her experiences have helped her understand the business of racing and what it’s like to maintain a successful program.

“Continuing school was never a question for me,” Kern commented. “I enjoy school and learning more about business and life. I’m applying everything I learn into racing and it has helped me continue to build our racing program.”

Kern continues to cut her own path. It’s one that she travels with her family, friends, fans and supporters. It’s not one of a normal teen, but everything Kern has accomplished to date hasn’t exactly been ”normal.” But when you’re setting a trend, nothing ever is.

Ali Kern’s “Likes”

Shopping, Working Out, & Watching movies
Love to Trade Places for a Day With:
The President
“Ali” is my nickname
On TV:
Jersey Shore, The Price is Right, & CSI
Favorite Athlete(s) to Watch:
Jimmie Johnson, Delonte West, & Danica Patrick
Pre-Race Ritual:
I say a short prayer before the race.
In Your iPod:
Country, Rap, Hip Hop
Your Hero:
My Parents
Favorite Book:
Pretty Little Liars (Series) Sara Shepard
First Job:
CVS Pharmacy
Racing Role Model:
Joey Logano
Favorite Subject in School:
Favorite Meal:
Chicken Parmesan
Most Prized Possession:
Race Car
Ambition After Racing:
To run my own business.
Fashion Favorites:
Abercrombie & Juicy Couture
Talent You’d Most Like to Have:
To Read People’s Minds
Bucket List:
1. Skydive, 2. Cross-Country Roadtrip, 3. Go on the show Wipeout
Greatest Love:
Words that Describe You as a Racer:
Smart, Aggressive, & Patient
The # 13 & breaking a mirror.
Favorite Values in Others:
Honesty, Kindness, & A Sense of Humor
Favorite Holiday:
“Live in the Moment”
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