Ali Kern’s mother testifies about VR-12 “awesomeness”

We are always happy to get feedback from our favourite drivers about VR-12′s efficiency and results. This time it’s race car driver’s Ali Kern. Her mother, Kathi Kern writes to us telling us how VR-12 has affected her daughetr’s vehicle’s performance and we are happy to share this with you.

Kathi Kern:

As I told you previously, we would be brutally honest with you after testing your product.  So, here’s what we know.

After running 3 days at Berlin Raceway and logging hundreds of miles in Ali’s late model there’s one word we would use to describe VR-12.  PHENOMENAL!

We have a high end Fluidyne radiator and we consistently ran at 160 degrees the entire time.  At one point we had to put some tape on the grille because we were a little too cool.

We’re all impressed with your product!

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