Basic Cooling System Maintenance

The most important thing is the regular use of VR-12.

VR-12 is a concentrate of organic chemical components, mixed through a synergetic process, whose cutting edge design and conservationist concept, have created a product that protects your vehicle’s cooling system, and saves you money, while you preserve the planet.

VR-12, is the most recent innovation in Additive Packages for your vehicle`s cooling system protection: Its exclusive and innovative composition protects your vehicle’s cooling components from rust and corrosion, reduces electrolysis providing better heat transfer, lowering temperature. Re-energize your antifreeze and boost your coolant, compatible with any brand, color or type of Antifreeze/coolant, works on both NEW & OLD cars and trucks.

Learn the theory, servicing tips and maintenance idea’s which in turn will make your vehicle last longer and avoid costly repairs. I had to bring up the automatic trans thing in the video where on a engine overheat that never enters the thoughts. Automatic transmissions have internal seals for the clutch packs, etc. When these get super hot that will shorten their life, they can fail / leak internally. (which can’t be seen of course) I hope this helps you get more life out of your vehicle. Thank You for watching.

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