How to Cool a Hot Car as Quickly as Possible

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When your car’s been sitting in the sun, using the recirculate setting on the A/C is the last thing you want to do. Cool your car off fast as you can to stay safe and sane on the road in the summertime heat.


  1. Roll down the windows. (you might also want to try to open the windows asynchronously so the air circulates better instead of balancing the pressure on all windows)
  2. Turn on the A/C on the fresh air setting, do not recirculate.
  3. Turn on the fan and make sure the thermostat is on the coldest setting.
  4. Drive for a minute or two with the windows down, to force out the hot air.
  5. Once the air in the car begins to feel cooler than the outside temperature, then switch from fresh air to recirculate.
  6. Roll the windows back up.
  7. Adjust temperature using lower thermostat and fan settings.

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