New VR-12 TV series “Be Cool with your Vehicle” episode details

Previously we announced our new “Be Cool with your Vehicle” campaign, and now we give you details about episode titles and what subjects will be covered in each one.

  • Episode 1: Consequences of motor overheating and associated costs.
  • Episode 2: What are electrolysis and oxidation? How do they affect the engine’s proper functioning? Causes and effects. How to avoid?
  • Episode 3: How a car’s radiator works, which are the most common faults and how to avoid them.
  • Episode 4: What the water pump is, its function, and how to avoid potential failures.
  • Episode 5: What the thermostat is, how it works and how to avoid potential failures.
  • Episode 6: The cooling system’s hoses: materials, types, possible failures and how to avoid them.
  • Episode 7: What coolant is, why it’s necessary, how it’s made, maintenance and environmental hazards.
  • Episode 8: The use of tap water in your car’s cooling system and its consequences.
  • Episode 9: How to transform tap water into racing water?
  • Episode 10: Useful tips to take into account when we have an engine overheating on the road, precautions, diagnosis, how to proceed. How to avoid it.
  • Episode 11: How to diagnose problems in a car’s cooling system and the necessary preventive maintenance.
  • Episode 12: The car’s cooling system flushing, its consequences and how to reduce their frequency to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Episode 13: Advantages of a proper maintenance of the car’s cooling system.
  • Episode 14: How the correct maintenance of the car’s cooling system contributes to protect the environment.
  • Episode 15: What VR-12 is and how it works. The advantages of using it to save money and going green.

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