Emergency Radiator Hose Repair

Photo:Attribution Some rights reserved by Ross Elliott

In VR-12 we always think that the good maintenance of your car will avoid the emergencies, since the VR-12 prevents this type of failure by keeping the car’s engine in the peak of performance for which it was designed. However, if you do not use VR-12 and your car has a fault in the radiator hoses this video may be useful.

While shooting another video the upper radiator hose sprung a leak in the Fairmont. Not wanting to buy a new hose, I did a quick repair. Even thought this happened at the shop (lucky me), I feel you could do this on the side of the road or in a parking lot if you had to. In fact, about a week later this happened in a parking lot and I did the same fix with the Leatherman I keep in my glovebox. You are correct that replacing the hose would be a more permanent fix, but as I pointed out in the video, I’m going to be replacing the engine anyway and at that time I’ll install new hoses. You can also do this repair with heater hoses or other cooling hoses if you have enough hose to work with. One thing to note, you might want to inspect your radiator hoses periodically for softness or dry rot. It can prevent an incident like this from happening in the first place. Lastly, if you have oil leaking onto a hose like I did, it’s a good idea to fix the oil leak to prevent further damage to the hose.

From: EricTheCarGuy

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