Eric Filgueiras confirms VR-12′s quality

Eric Filgueiras is a driver of the FARA (Formula & Automobile Racing Association). His car is the 21 Volkswagen Rabbit, the class name is MP-4B. He used VR-12 this past weekend in Homestead Speedway at the Sunset 300 event.

Eric’s’ Testimony-  We did, we used two bottles, and throughout the entire race the engine temp never got up over 185, which is great. We suffered an alternator failure 15 minutes into the race, spent 20 minutes replacing it and had no problems after that. I started 31st overall and finished 22nd overall and 6th in class out of the 52 starting cars. I recommend the VR-12 to any vehicles that suffers from temp problem.

Eric and his father are going to invite VR-12 to the next event after June to set up a 10x 10 booth free of charge.

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