Ford Showcases 3D Dirt Detection Technology

Knowing how cars get painted might be a little too boring unless you’re planning to do it yourself on a newly restored classic vehicle. However, Ford’s latest 3D dirt detection system, an industry-first technology, make the 1.5-minute long footage posted below worth watching.

Hoping you’re still with us, the new technology uses high-resolution cameras to generate a 3D model of the vehicle to detect flaws and dirt particles “smaller than a grain of salt”. The system analyzes more than 3,000 images in 15 seconds and improves on previous paint inspection, which were based on the worker’ power of observation. And we all know humans can’t beat computers…

The revolutionary dirt detection technology, already in use at the Dearborn, Kentucky and Valencia (Spain) plants, will be introduced to five more factories in North America. Scroll below to watch the video released by Ford.

“This system ensures better paint jobs and surface finishes for Ford customers around the world,” said Tom Dougan, project manager, global paint applications at Ford. “This is one of the most exciting integrations of optical science and digital technology in the automotive industry. By combining innovations in vision technology, processing speed and software, Ford continues to invent new technologies that give our customers better paint quality and surpass competitor offerings.”


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