Green Car Tech At Washington Auto Show

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This week at the Washington Auto Show, Green Car Journal will announce the winner of its annual Green Car Technology Award, recognizing inventions that are making the vehicles we drive more efficient and environmentally friendly. For the first time, the publication will also hand out awards for a Luxury Green Car of the Year and Green SUV of the Yea, celebrating carmakers that have built sustainable vehicles in classes not historically known for offering eco-friendly options.

For the Green Technology Award, the innovations earning high marks vary in terms of the type of cars they support, from those that run on hydrogen cells to plug-in electric motors to traditional combustion engines. It’s evidence that auto manufacturers have different views on which type of power systems are most likely to power the cars of tomorrow.

Chevrolet CNG Bi-Fuel Powertrain

BMW i3 REx Range Extender

Chevrolet CNG Bi-Fuel Powertrain

Ford F-150 Aluminum Body

Ford 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6

Honda 1.5-liter Earth Dreams Engine

Kia Soul Electric Powertrain

Tesla Dual Motor AWD

Volvo Drive-E

VW e-Golf Electric Powertrain

“We might actually see a future with multi-material body structures – steel, aluminum, carbon fiber – all being used for the same vehicle, and a lot of welding replaced by gluing,” he said.

Filipi says that there is also active research on bio-based and biodegradable composites for automotive interiors that can take us to a sustainable future.

Judging by the models exhibited at this year’s Washington Auto Show, cars of the future will be increasingly cheaper to drive while their environmental impact will continue to drop.

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