Green Car Tips To Make Your Driving More Eco-Friendly

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Best Practices of Driving Green. A person’s fuel economy is affected by a person’s driving technique. The avoidance of sudden starting, stopping and driving in accordance to the speeding limit, as speeding is dangerous and could have a damaging effect on your MPG. Even if no damage was caused during a crash. It’s still costly to purchase a new bumper or get your car repainted. Remember to always drive wisely and decrease miles by doing errands in one trip, getting directed wisely and work ahead.

Stay Tuned. Firstly, ensure to tune up, maintain and clean your air filters regularly, as this will help you burn less fuel and avoid any car trouble in the foreseen future. Secondly, ensure your tires are properly inflated all year round, as this will save you money on petrol each year. Thirdly, remove the junk from the trunk, as all that weight in the back is weakening your fuel economy.

Don’t use a car for shorter journeys. Now we’re talking lifestyle revolution!

  • 72% of journeys are under 5 miles, 50% under 2 miles. If all short journeys were done on foot or by bicycle rather than by car, car mileage could be cut by one-sixth – with no need to sacrifice the freedom to use the car for longer journeys.
  • Very short journeys are too short to warm up the car’s engine. It’ll be running inefficiently, burning more fuel and creating more pollution – usually right in the centre of town, where we really don’t need it!

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