Green Driving Tips

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Global warming is a shared issue facing all of us, and numerous carmakers, including Kia, are making their best efforts to develop eco-friendly vehicles to help offset their environmental impact. However, there are some things that you as drivers can start doing today to help in this worldwide action towards a greener planet. Today on Buzz, we’ll show you some simple tips to become a green driver while saving some money at the fuel pump along the way.

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Weight: Many of us have a ton of useless things in our cars that we don’t need for our everyday commutes. Reducing weight can significantly cut down on fuel consumption, so lighten up your load.

Remove Roof Racks: Take them down when you are not using them. Roof racks can create wind resistance, which increases fuel consumption.

Tire Pressure: Occasionally checking your tire pressure at the fuel pump is a great habit to develop. Did you know that for every 6psi a tire is deflated below its stated pressure, fuel consumption increases by 1%?

Where possible drive with the windows up to reduce drag and make your fuel consumption more efficient.

Try not to be in a hurry. Stressed driving can be erratic and is uneconomical. Simply relax and try to enjoy the trip.

Try not to beat the lights. The chances are that if you hit a red light and then try to beat all the following lights, you will rush but miss them anyway. If you drive at a more sedate speed you will usually find that by the time you reach the next light it will have turned green again.

Air conditioning should be limited as it uses more fuel.

Switch off the engine if you think you will stationary for more than two minutes.

Keep your speed down as driving at 50-60 mph means your emissions will be lowest. Driving over 70mph will rapidly increase your emissions. It can cost you up to 25% more in fuel to drive at 70mph compared to 50mph.

Avoid unnecessary revving or idling of the engine as this uses more fuel.

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