How to Use Engine Coolant Effectively for Safe Car Driving

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Even though cars undergo perpetual change in their design and day by day innovative models are introduced, one major problem yet to be resolved in present day car design is, burning of fuel in engines powered by gas still create a huge amount of heat. An ideal engine burns the fuel to produce kinetic energy which drives the car. But in a realistic picture, gas powered engines turn nearly 70 % of energy into heat.

Cars have built in cooling system because in practice it is not possible for heat and mechanics to move united. How this system function depends on the engine and model of the car. The unnecessary heat produced is removed by the coolant from your car and safely released into the surrounding environment away from the engine. Left unattended the heat produced might damage your car by heating it up enormously and the price to correct the harm created might be very high.

Hence it becomes essential to continuously monitor the engine coolant levels in your car. The coolant used in the car varies as per the make, design and company in which the car is manufactured. Go through the manual supplied by the car company to know more about the coolant make and type.

Coolant levels in your car can be checked if you identify the radiator position in your car. Usually the radiator is situated in the bonnet of the car but for cars with middle and back engines some knowledge about cars mechanical system will be essential to locate the radiator. Adjacent to the radiator will be the coolant tank which will be opaque or colored and will have markings on the side indicating the safety level of the coolant.

Checking the coolant level is simple. Just compare the water mark in the inner part of the coolant tank with respect to the levels at the side. You need not open the coolant tank. Having the water level at the safe mark indicates that sufficient coolant is available in the tank and you can have a safe drive, noting in your memory that you need to check coolant level at regular intervals. In the other case if the water level is too low then you need to fill the coolant up.

Usually the coolant is a mixture of half water and half of coolant liquid. You have two options. Either buy the pure coolant from an automobile shop and mix it up with water or try to get pre mixed coolant liquid for your car. The choice is yours. However if you are not confident and uncertain, it is advocated that you can go for a premixed version. It deserves to pay two dollars extra.

Once the water level is below the safe marker then just to refill the tank, you need to open the cap at the top of the tank. Normally the cap is of screw type or popping up type which you can remove using a screw driver or similar device. Fill the coolant liquid until the safe mark is reached and now you are ready for a safe drive.

The flavor of the coolant is tasty and pleasant for the pet animals and in case if you drop the coolant, at once clean the liquid with utmost care. The coolant liquid is poisonous and if the pet animals take the coolant because of its sweetness the situation might turn dreadful. Take care of all the points and with your properly filled coolant tank, enjoy a secure journey.


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