IT’S GREEN DAY. Plant a Tree for Earth Day.

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For the VR-12 team ecology is our reason for existence and the ecological criterion is present in the creation of our products. It is for this reason that Earth Day is very important for us because it contributes to raising awareness to the inhabitants of our only planet that we must take care of it.

Almost one year ago, Earth Day Network launched our Trees for the Earth campaign. We set an ambitious goal: planting 7.8 billion trees over five years – one for every person projected to live on Earth by the year 2020. Working with partners all across the world, we set out to – quite literally – transform Earth’s landscape.

Less than one year later, we are thrilled by the fact that the campaign has already secured over 1.5 Billion tree planting commitments! Individuals, NGO’s, businesses, and others are stepping up one by one and doing their part. However, we still have billions to go! That means we need your help as well.

Earth Day Network has made it simple for individuals to participate in this campaign. For a donation of just one dollar, we ensure that one tree is planted in a developing country. Sometimes these trees contribute to national reforestation efforts, other times they provide food for local communities. What’s for certain is that your dollar will be benefiting people and the environment.

This St. Patrick’s day, help the world become a greener place with Earth Day Network. Click here to contribute to a great campaign – $10, $20, $50 – and together we can celebrate a responsible act of green.

Remember, every dollar = one tree.

PS: Check out the updated reforestation section of the website. You can now also contribute to Trees for the Earth by registering the trees you plan to plant in support of the campaign until Earth Day 2020!


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