Keselowski And Despain At PRI Show Breakfast

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MAVTV’s Dave Despain served as host for the talk show-style program, in which third-generation racer Brad Keselowski revealed his humble racing beginnings and discussed several topics.

Brad Keselowski filled the house for another memorable Grand Opening Breakfast at the annual PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis.

Approximately 3000 motorsports professionals crowded into the Indiana Convention Center’s Sagamore Ballroom to hear 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Keselowski while enjoying a complimentary hot breakfast Thursday morning. MAVTV racing journalist Dave Despain served as host for the talk show-style program, in which third-generation racer Keselowski revealed his humble racing beginnings: “My dream was to make a living in racing—and be successful at it, don’t get me wrong.”

Although he didn’t begin competing in a quarter midget until age 14, his involvement in racing began with the careers of both his father and uncle, which helped him carve his own path. “People ask me about my dad… To me, my dad was Dale Earnhardt.”

Regarding his love for auto racing, he added, “My dad passed it down to me.”

Keselowski first attended the PRI Trade Show as a teenager, he recalled. “When I came to PRI for the first time, I had heard about it, but I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “The only thing I can really compare that feeling of the first time I came to PRI is the first time I went to Las Vegas. It was an incredible experience.”

Keselowski discussed a range of motorsports topics, offering thoughtful commentary on the industry’s economics. In fact, he said, “I understand the importance of events like today, and events like this entire Trade Show. That is why I have to be here, and that is why I want to be here.”

Before the headliner took the stage, attendees were treated to the musical talents of yodeling cowgirl Micky Daniels.

“Outstanding,” said Jack Parker of High Tech Performance in Van Nuys, California, in response to Keselowski’s interview. “Dave Despain does an outstanding job no matter what he does. The PRI Show has been great for years, and it looks like it’s going down the right road. It’s going to continue to be great.”

Charles Leindecker of Leindecker Racing Engines in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, particularly appreciated Keselowski’s views on “the economics of the teams and where the sport is going.”


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