How Racing Cooling Systems Are different

Cooling systems in normal vehicles are quite different from those used in NASCAR, ARCA and other professional racing sports.

For this reason VR-12 recently announced the release of its new product the VR 12 Racing Coolant, which will be available to all racing competitors.

VR 12 Racing Coolant is a non-glycol racing coolant, making it safe to be used in all racing venues and classes.

VR 12 Racing Coolant consists of a combination of deionized water with state of the art OAT (Organic Acid Technology) formulation of “Add Packs” that provide 100% protection against rust, corrosion, electrolysis, oxidation, and cavitation.

VR 12 Racing Coolant protects both old and new aluminum alloys, as well as metal and polymer (plastic) components. (This product is not an antifreeze, and does not offer freeze protection).

VR 12 Racing Coolant is designed to provide the competitor the maximum heat transfer at the most extreme temperatures, allowing your engine to function at the highest possible horsepower without overheating.

VR 12 Racing Coolant is designed by racers, and proven to work for both racers, and engine builders.

On this occasion, female NASCAR race car drivers in Katy, TX, Kendall and Kristin Bumbera tell Fox 26 News viewers how to take care of their cars in triple digit heat.

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