NVIDIA: the Future of In-Car Tech

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As we learnt from its most recent quarterly financial reports, and post results investor call, Nvidia has been investing heavily in implementing in-car technology with good returns. We heard that “automakers are using Tegra to help reinvent the driving experience,” and sales of Tegra based car infotainment systems doubled in the year leading up to those results. Now Nvidia is showing that it will keep up the in-car momentum with a new official blog post about its collaboration with Audi.

Driver-assist features include things like sounding an alarm when you’re reversing into a wall or drifting too close to a car in the next lane. Key to Nvidia’s plan is its new Tegra K1, which combines four CPU cores and 192 GPU cores on a single chip that the company says can do the work of several.

“We’re going to see a consolidation of several driver assistance processors capable of being replaced by one Tegra K1,” said Danny Shapiro, senior director of automotive at Nvidia

Looking ahead Nvidia promises more, thanks to its recent Tegra K1 processor and the abilities that stem from its computing power. We are told that “the K1 will be at the heart of the Audi zFAS central computing module that will manage the semi-autonomous driving features”. It also announced yesterday, at the LAAS Connected Car Expo, that Audi’s “Piloted Driving capability has been approved for production in the coming years due to the success they have had testing the NVIDIA-powered computing system.”

From: computerworld.com and hexus.net

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