Prevent Your Car from Overheating – How To Do It

Use VR-12 and avoid problems! VR-12, is the most recent innovation in Additive Packages for your vehicle`s cooling system protection: Its exclusive and innovative composition protects your vehicle’s cooling components from rust and corrosion, reduces electrolysis providing better heat transfer, lowering temperature. Re-energize your antifreeze and boost your coolant, compatible with any brand, color or type of Antifreeze/coolant, works on both NEW & OLD cars and trucks.

In order to keep your car from overheating it is like every other system on your car. Regular maintenance is gonna be your top key. But you can do somethings to help, and that would be these: Number 1: Raise your hood on occasion. Keep an eye on the coolant reservoir to make sure that your coolant level is where it belongs. In addition, having use the proper coolant is gonna be the key and you will find that information either in your owners manual or with your repair facility.


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