Don Moore talk about VR-12.
Jeff Clark talk about VR-12.
Jeff Clark's VR-12 Testimonial.

VR-12 at Roush Yates store, customer.
VR-12 at Roush Yates store, customer.
Mike Alvarez/Paul Roberts talk about VR 12.

VR-12 and Roush Yates contract signing.
Plate to commemorate contract signing.
Craig Partee / Fleur de Lys Motorsports.

Mark Gundrum / VR-12 to ARCA Racing .
Jeff Clark and VR-12 at Daytona 2014.
Jeff Clark and Mike Alvarez talk about VR 12.

Kenny Tweedy recommends VR-12.
Roush Yates Member's VR-12 Testimonial.
Ali Kern recommends VR-12.

Wes Gonder, from Wes Gonder Racing.
Gary Roulo of Roulo Brothers Racing.
Will Kimmel recommends VR-12.

ARCA Engine Pro, Nick Ramey - VR-12.
Nick Ramey, talks about VR-12.

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