VR-12, an Environmentally Friendly Maintenance Solution for Car Coolant Systems.

VR-12, an Environmentally Friendly Maintenance Solution for Car Coolant Systems.

Freezetone® Products, USA, manufacturer of automotive maintenance solutions released VR-12, an environmentally safe monthly vehicle maintenance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. A green solution to vehicle maintenance, VR-12 is a coolant maintenance solution that will help vehicles perform better without damaging the environment..

The automotive industry is providing consumers with more environmentally safe solutions in hybrid cars, electric cars, and specially engineered vehicles that use less gas and have less of an impact on the environment. Freezetone® Products, USA is doing their part with the release of VR-12, an environmentally safe vehicle monthly maintenance solution <http://www.vr-12.com> for radiators and the cooling system of your vehicle.

VR-12 is a revolutionary green product that is used to guard against coolant problems. This new invention is the ultimate cooling system protection. It is like a vitamin for your cooling system, composed of organic components and mixed through a synergetic process. VR-12 offers an alternative to topping off radiators and cooling systems versus conventional methods. A special formula containing Organic Acid Technology (OAT) will keep vehicles running at pick performance for longer periods of time while eliminating flushing and waste. It should be used as part of monthly radiator and cooling system maintenance. VR-12 is a green product that protects your radiator and cooling components from rust and corrosion, preventing expensive coolant replacement.

Vehicle maintenance is important, especially as consumers are postponing buying new cars in a recovering economy. VR-12 is appealing as maintenance solution for radiators and car coolant systems because it can be used with all makes and models and mix with any antifreeze/coolant type, color or brand. Any vehicle owner, motorcycle, heavy trucks, light duty trucks, RV’s, Boats, experiencing poor vehicle performance due to a week and neglected coolant can use VR-12. Also, other coolants are compatible with VR-12 so consumers can use this product when changing engine coolant in conjunction with what they are already using.

“VR-12 is designed to take care of your vehicle and save money while saving the environment. It helps conserve resources because it can re-energize your antifreeze and boosts your cooling system Approved and tested by ARCA Racin, Approved and tested by Don Garlits “BIG DADDY” and certified by the USDA under the Bio Base program. VR-12 guarantee lower temperature of the cooling system.

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