Know what users think about VR-12

Knowing what users think about the VR-12 is useful when evaluating if you buy it for your car cooling system, for that reason below we transcribe some opinions issued by VR-12 users.

It really is “Vitamins for Radiator”. I run VR-12 in both my truck and car, the cooling system hasnt had 1 issue since. Also the anti-freeze in both still looks brand new, and its been 4 years since i flushed the radiator, and added VR-12 with the anti-freeze. Great product, i wish more people would use it/ become as popular as sea foam.

Five Stars. Great product fast shipping highly recommend thank you.

Seems Good! Seems to help the cooling of the truck. Will continue using it.

Great product fast shipping highly recommend.

Fantastic stuff. the second one I used in my radiator.

I added it, can’t tell a difference? Temps aren’t better….hopefully the cooling system is happy and refreshed!!

Don’t know what the different is in degrees but I can say the temp gauge dropped the thickness of 2 indicators.

Every car from the factory should have this product installed.

I like it very much it’s doing a very good job keeping my motor running cool.

Very good cooling protection!

Hopefully, it gave my cooling system more life.

Prolonged antifreeze life.

VR-12 is the best and I will send some to all my family to try, and then they will do the same.

My vehicle seems to run cooler since I added VR-12.

Kept temp lower.

Engine runs cooler.

Dropped the temperature and held it there.

It my M3 runs cooler and better.

Drive in street and roads and most are hard to keep cool. But VR-12 helped with this problem.

Added to cooling system in my equipment and find the systems operate more efficiently.

Rejuvenated older Anti-Freeze for the winter.

Prolonged antifreeze life.

Temp is down about 5 degrees.

I put VR-12 at 22,000 miles now it has 54,000 miles and it looks nice, a brand new radiator.

Kept the temp at a steady temp even in traffic.

It maintains the whole water system cleaner.

Hopefully, it gave my cooling system more life.

Good stuff !!!!!! Thanks.

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