VR-12′s homage to Earth on Earth Day

Photo: “Hurricane Carlotta Stands Out in Earth View” by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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One of the most important things for us at the VR-12 team and the main reason this product was invented was to have a green alternative for everyone’s coolant needs. Not only to have the alternative, but to make it the new standard in the auto industry. It is our goal to make everyone aware that this product exists because once you see it, understand  how to use it and start to enjoy its benefits, there is no question that VR-12 is the greener, simpler and better way to go. We all have to make an effort to save this planet because it concerns all of us, and what better way to do it than in a simpler, money-saving, green way? That’s what VR-12 is all about. So we would like to leave you with a nice video from others who have a similar message, only this time it’s not focused solely on cars but entire cities. We hope you enjoy it and that it gives you the enthusiasm to make that effort we all need to make to ensure our future and a better living.

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