VR-12 winner’s hat. Limited time offer!

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You can now buy the VR-12 winners hat. The same VR-12 hats race car champions wear on victory lane.

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Product Description

Now you can be the protagonist as the ARCA champions, using the VR-12 hat. They are extremely hard to get and for a limited time…buy it now!!!


The VR-12 company has been a huge sponsor of the ARCA RACES for some time now. It is a brand that race car drivers trust and a product that will help protect their investment. Giving them the extra mile to win races, while keeping the track clean and safe for the environment.

The VR-12 hat symbolizes greatness with a high level of accomplishment, respect and celebration. An award that is given to the ARCA drivers for using the product and winning races. Once in a while fans have the opportunity to receive a VR-12 hat from there favorite ARCA driver in victory lane.

Therefore making it almost impossible to own one of this price winning racing hats but now it will be available for everyone to purchase.

Chris-BuescherChris Buescher ARCA race car driver

Tom-HessertTom Hessert ARCA race car driver

Frank-KimmelFrank Kimmel ARCA race car driver

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