Who we are

The “driving force” behind the invention

The first “driving force” behind the invention of VR-12 where consumers themselves, who cried out for an efficient coolant that lived up to the new automotive technology and would not be replaced so often, in order to avoid spending money constantly, and the alarming pollution.

In the 1990’s, consumers in both U.S and international markets were eager to have an innovative, ecological coolant, at the cutting edge of automotive technology.

This clamor motivated Luis M. Latour, an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the manufacture of automotive coolants, and president of Freezetone Products, Inc.(*) to create a product to match the new technological, economic and ecological reality.

Beside him, a multidisciplinary team of front-line technicians and professionals, dedicated to quality control, design, manufacturing, production and marketing of products, participated in the challenging development of a cooling system, capable of meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of consumers. Thus was born VR-12.

(*) Freezetone Products, Inc. is a U.S. company founded in 1978, dedicated to the manufacture of automotive fluids, additives and coolants. Freezetone is currently a leader in many markets around the world.

The main feature of additives and cooling systems designed by Freezetone is their efficient and environmentally
responsible performance, together with original formulas, specially designed to meet the particular needs of automobiles subject to very varied weather conditions.