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The “driving force” behind the invention. The first “driving force” behind the invention of VR-12 where consumers themselves, who cried out for an efficient coolant that lived up to the new automotive technology and would not be replaced so often, in order to avoid spending money constantly, and the alarming pollution. In the 1990’s, consumers in both U.S and international markets were eager to have an innovative, ecological coolant, at the cutting edge of automotive technology. This clamor motivated Luis M. Latour, an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the manufacture of automotive coolants, and president of Freezetone Products, Inc.(*) to create a product to match the new technological, economic and ecological reality. Beside him, a multidisciplinary team of front-line technicians and professionals, dedicated to quality control, design, manufacturing, production and marketing of products, participated in the challenging development of a cooling system, capable of meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of consumers. Thus was born VR-12.

Why VR-12

VR-12 the first and only cooling system additive designed to protect your vehicle,
while you save money and save the environment.

  • Revitalized

    VR-12 ™ compensates and revitalizes the natural evaporation of additives caused by the constant heating and cooling of the engine.

  • Re-Energize

    VR-12 ™ Re-energize your antifreeze and boost your coolant, allowing it to preserve its qualities and spend more time in the cooling

  • Protection

    VR-12 ™ keeps the cooling system protected, thus extending its useful life.

  • High Performance

    VR-12 ™ keeps the cooling system working at its higher point of performance, which allows the vehicle’s engine to work as it was designed to save fuel, which represents a competitive advantage in contracted and unstable economies.


Question and answer about our VR-12 Ultimate
Cooling system protection

VR-12 is a concentrate of organic chemical components, mixed through a synergetic process, whose cutting edge design and conservationist concept, have created a product that protects your vehicle’s cooling system, and saves you money, while you preserve the planet.
- On every oil change
- After a flush.
- For topping off use a bottle of VR-12 and complete fill with water or the product of your choice.
- Recommendation for maintenance of the antifreeze, coolant and water use VR-12 every 6 to 9 months.
- One bottle of VR-12 will protect 3 gallons of any fluid in the cooling system.
You pull up to a traffic light and see steam coming from under the hood of your vehicle. Now the coolant temp light has come on. Perhaps you are driving down the road in cooler weather and you note that the car seems to be using more gasoline and the heater does not work. Both of these scenarios are systematic of cooling problems. The good news is that it does not take a trained mechanic or special tools to diagnose a cooling system problem and it only takes an hour or so to check it out.
Maybe you’ve taken your car in for some recent service and the mechanic let you know you needed a cooling system flush.Or perhaps you noticed your vehicle was a little low on coolant and when you went to top it off you noticed some gunk floating in the overflow tank or radiator. These all are good indications that it may indeed by time for a radiator flush, or more accurately a cooling system flush. For more information see the following explanatory video.
If dirty or mineral-rich water is used in a cooling system, you can quickly accumulate scaling and sediment build-up on the interior of your radiator. Electrolysis is the process by which this accumulation occurs. This build-up can be cleaned out with radiator cleaners and, for some radiators, with a rod and brush.

3 Points of Quality


The performance of VR-12 is constantly monitored, reviewed and adapted to the progress and standards of the automotive industry. Each batch of production involves a comprehensive analysis of the formulation and results of ASTM tests, required by the industry.


VR-12 is subjected to the most stringent quality control testing to ensure its performance and the proper performance of its properties. Such quality control testing would include those that specifically measure the performance of the coolant and its behavior during 1,060 hours at a temperature of 190 degrees F (88 degrees C), subjected to constant contact with different types of metals found in a normal cooling system.


The performance and efficiency of VR-12 has been evaluated with tests designed for light, heavy, and high performance vehicles, required by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), such as ASTM D2570-08, ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, ASTM D6210, TMC of ATA RP 302ª and TMC of ATA RP329/330.

VR-12 also includes in its performance evaluations, specific tests for High-performance Products: ASTM D1384, D4340, D1881, D2570 and D2809. After comparing the results of these measures with predetermined standards in the industry, we can conclude that VR-12 not only meets, but has also exceeded its targets and market expectations.


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VR-12 the first and only cooling system additive designed to protect your vehicle,
while you save money and save the environment.



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