• VR-12 The ultimate cooling system protection 901P-128VR

    • Heavy-duty, fully-formulated pre charged and concentrated additive package
    • Re-energize, recharge the cooling system fluids using Antifreeze, regular Water or Racing Water
    • Meets and exceeds most demanding industry specifications, including ASTM D 6210/6211
    • A pre charged additive package, contains the initial charge of supplemental blend of additives, meeting the requirements in the cited specifications

    Racing recommendations: Use one VR-12 Racing Coolant ready to use instead of water.

    Flush and clean system after every race and replace system fluid with new VR-12 Racing Coolant.

    VR-12 will lower temperatures, protects the entire engine from Electrolysis, Oxidation, and Corrosion to keep the cooling system working at pick performance.


    • 901P-128VR
    • 1 GAL / 3.79 L
    • 6
    • 50 LB / 22 KG
    • 21”x11”x9”
    • 1.32 FT(3) / 0.037 M(3)
    • 45

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