VR-12 Yellow dot 3

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Contains corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Lubricates and protects metal parts.

Vr-12 brake fluid DOT-3 exceeds safety standards FMV-SS 116 and meets SAE J1703 and ISO-4925 standards.

Minimum WET Boling Point 284 °F (140 °C). Minimum DRY Boling Point 450 °F (232 °C). Full synthetic, super heavy duty.

Sizes Available: 8oz (250ml), 10oz (300ml), 32oz (1lts) Industry colors available. Contact your Freezetone sales team for more information.


Part No.

Content: 10OZ/300ml


Bottles per case: 24

Case weight: 21LB/9.52KG

No. of cases per pallet: 110

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